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In Switzerland, many bikers do not ride as much as they used to. Honda wanted to encourage these “inactive” bikers to go for rides more often.


How, through an activation campaign, can Honda give back to the community and enhance the pleasure of riding?


With about 1’500 lakes and 48 peaks over 4’000m. high, Switzerland is undeniably the land of lakes and mountains. It’s the perfect setting to go on an adventure with your bike and experience unique thrills.

The Honda Helvetic Tour Moto App provides a life-size game between lakes and mountains, inviting bikers to take up challenges with GPS checkpoints. These checkpoints unlock badges and points, and reward a full year of free gas, plus plenty other gifts (discounts, gear, tickets to bike and MX GP …)

Results (over 6 months)

More than 5’000 app downloads, a Facebook reach of 150K (27 posts), an Instagram reach of 100K (24 posts), 4’000 interactions, and 25’000 video views.