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MeetD3 is a Dubai’s annual festival showcasing all things creative at the intersection of design, art, and technology. This immersive multidisciplinary event is open to the public, and features large-scale installations, unique retail and food concepts, music, and other special commissions. A platform for the city’s creative industries, Meet d3 brings together designers, artists, musicians, architects and other industry related practitioners from the region and beyond.


Satwa 3000, an art collector in Dubai, wanted to  create excitement and propose a new experience at MeetD3.


The concept was an installation allowing people to easily create, view and share funny GIFs: GIF Paradise. The installation consisted of 4 different rooms: “Bullet time”, “Green screen”, “Kaleidoscope”, and “Kinect”. Attendees could interact with the installations, and upon exit would receive real-time generated animated GIFs. The GIF could then be shared on social media. In addition, the newly created GIF was projected onto a LED wall outside the building


Fun, user friendly and stable, the installations ran for 3 days non stop, for 12 hours each day. 5’000 GIFs were generated in total. Gif Paradise was voted most popular installation of the festival, and received major media coverage in Dubai.