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Intersport had developed a tool that ranks football boots according to the performance of the players wearing them: The Football Boot ranking. It had huge potential but was underused and not fully optimised.


How to raise awareness on social media around Intersport and its new Football Boot Ranking during the UEFA Euro 2016TM ? How to create a strong link in consumers’ minds between the brand and the event?


Football Boot Ranking was a great tool full of interesting data, which had to be leveraged to both increase brand awareness and help drive sales. Yet, we had first had to rethink the way it worked in order to turn it into a real exciting experience for customers, and smoothly integrate it into the Intersport digital ecosystem.

The UEFA European Championship 2016 was the perfect occasion to reveal our new FBR to a large audience and increase the awareness of the tool. So while the European football elite battled it out for the top spot, another competition took place online: as exciting as the first one but much more original, this competition was powered by Intersport and its Football Boot Ranking: “The Euro 2016 Football Boots Battle”.

In this contest the real stars were not the players anymore, but their football boots. Thanks to the FBR, football fans had the opportunity to follow the performance of the star players throughout the competition. In any given battle they could choose the boot they wanted to support. If they bet on the winner of the battle, they got a chance to win the boot or other prizes among licensed UEFA Euro 2016 products distributed by Intersport. To ensure the fans were backing the right boot, we directed them to the new FBR tool so they could analyse the data and make the right choice.


5 million people reached, 108’000 interactions on Facebook and Twitter, 11’000 new fans generated.